Project listing

Title Region Start Finish
Faulkner Bush/Edward Baigent Bush, Robson's Reserve Nelson - Marlborough Ongoing
Maungawhau [Mt Eden] Park Care - Batger Restoration Project Auckland Ongoing
Kaipatiki Project Auckland Ongoing
Ecologocial weeding programme Auckland Ongoing
Restoring historic baches on Rangitoto Auckland Ongoing
Long Bay Tuesday Volunteer Days Auckland Ongoing
Sheridan Creek 'Hands-On' Heritage Training Workshop Wellington Ongoing
Maungawhau [Mt Eden] Park Care Project Auckland Ongoing
The Great Living Legends Muck-In-Bay of Plenty - Rotorua Bay of Plenty Ongoing
East of Highbury - Upper Le Roys Bush restoration project Auckland Ongoing
Forest and Bird protection - Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary Northland Ongoing
Hanmer Springs Weedbusters Wilding Pine Control Canterbury 24 Jan 10 Ongoing
Mahurangi Volunteer Days Auckland Ongoing
Oroua Blue Duck Protection Project Manawatu - Wanganui Ongoing
Project Twin Streams Glen Eden - Riparian Restoration Volunteers Auckland Ongoing

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