About Us

Our focus is providing a web based platform for environment groups, volunteers, and for all those interested in sustaining the environment. 

It is our aim to increase environmental awareness, to encourage a greater sharing of information and knowledge, and to encourage community and overseas participation.


Our objectives include:

  • Encouraging environmental volunteerism nationwide
  • Supporting environmental groups and projects nationwide
  • Providing a sector wide notice-board and information source  
  • Encouraging a sharing of information, knowledge and ideas 


Trust family tree:





John Hogan:  Founder and chairman of NZTCV and Three Streams Kauri Grove.  Purchased property in 1969, and named it appropriately Three Steams, designated as private scenic reserve in 1974, and vested for community use and educational facility in 1990.  View Bio

Dianne Brunton:  Behavioural Ecologist at Massey Univesity, involved directly or indirectly in the re-introduction with many NZ species.  Dianne runs a large postgraduate research group, and is actively involved in conservation of NZ's unique wildlife and Ecosystems.  View Bio

Dennis Viehland:  Associate Professor of Information Systems in the Department of Management and International Business at Massey University's Auckland campus. Also a campus leader in Massey University's Executive Education team. View Bio

JD Anderson:  Former International pilot, good friend and supporter of John Hogan.




Stephen King:  Former environmental activist, and first young conservator of the year.  Founding trustee of the NZ Native Forest Restoration Trust and Waipoua Forest Trust.

David Bellamy:  Botanist, author, broadcaster and environmental campaigner.  View Bio

Sir Paul Reeves:  Archbishop and Primate of NZ from 1980 - 1985 and Governor-General of NZ from 1985 - 1990. View Bio

Lady Beverley Reeves:  Wife of Sir Paul Reeves.  Patron of Yellowe-eyed Penguin Trust and Friends of Refugees Trust.






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