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Human Ecology Explained submitted by 'volunteer' on 21-Sep-2011
Will Hunting had it right 14 years ago....

AQUA Exhibition submitted by '/' on 15-Jul-2011
Learn more about the importance of water conservation at the AQUA exhibition

Meet the locals - DOC's Conservation Management Strategies submitted by 'Doc' on 19-Jun-2011
CMS provides a platform to consider everyone's conservation priorities. Have your say get involved in your local conservation strategy.....

Auckland Council North Shore Planting Days submitted by 'Tony' on 21-Apr-2011
Planting on the North Shore from May - September

Stanmore Bay Waka Tangata, Beach Cleanup & Dance Party submitted by 'Mel' on 10-Apr-2011
Two events in one to finish off Seaweek 2011 Time: Sunday, April 17 · 9:00am - 6:00pm Location: Stanmore Bay, Whangaparoa, Rodney, Auckland

Transition Towns - true sustainability submitted by 'volunteer' on 15-Mar-2011
What are Transition Towns? Transition Towns initiatives are part of a vibrant, international grassroots movement that brings people together to explore how we as communities can respond to the environmental, economic and social challenges arising from climate change, resource depletion and an economy based on growth. We dont look for anyone to blame or anyone to save us, but believe our communities have within themselves the innovation and ingenuity to create positive solutions to the converging crises of our time. We believe in igniting and supporting local responses at any level and from anyone and aim to weave them together into a coordinated action plan for change towards a lower energy lifestyle. By building local resilience, we will be able to collectively respond to whatever the future may bring in a calm, positive and creative way. And by remembering how to live within our local means, we can rediscover the spirit of community and a feeling of power, belonging and sharing in a world that is vibrant, just and truly sustainable

Ecology and conservation group - current research on NZ birds submitted by 'volunteer' on 9-Jul-2010
Little blue penguin foraging |Kakariki translocation |Kakapo scent |Little blue penguin ecology |Little blue penguin parasites |Saddleback vocalisation |bellbird MHC | Kiwi mating system |Grey warbler & cuckoo|

Earthship submitted by 'volunteer' on 19-Jun-2010
Want to build an earthship home?

Transition Towns submitted by 'volunteer' on 24-May-2010
Transtion Town Raglan on TV3 - Campbell Live Oct

Freeze Wellington submitted by 'volunteer' on 24-May-2010
Freeze 09 Wellington, New Zealand - World Environment Day

Roots of Mud, Reviving Ancient Maori Ceramic Tradition submitted by 'gilad' on 17-Apr-2010
I'm Gilad, ceramic artist and civil engineer with a kick for invention and creation. I've a keen interest in different ceramic techniques and explored also primitive fire for burning. Discovering ancient native arts and crafts as always been my desire and point of interest.

Trees for Survival-1 of 2 by Vision Dynamic submitted by 'volunteer' on 3-Jun-2009
The TFS programme was started in 1991 by the Rotary Club of Pakuranga and was based on a similar concept that was operating in Australia at the time. Since its early beginnings, the programme has grown to have a nationwide coverage with 138 Trees for Survival Schools planting over 60,000 trees per year.

The Age of Stupid producer Lizzie Gillett on New Zealand's 3News submitted by 'YouTube' on 18-Apr-2009
Lizzie Gillett talks about The Age of Stupid film, climate change and New Zealand

The Fauna of New Zealand submitted by 'Volunteer' on 20-Mar-2009
A look at the Fauna that is native and unique to New Zealand.

No Rubbish for a year submitted by 'Volunteer' on 6-Feb-2009
Twelve months on we follow the couple that embarked on an eco challenge to change their consumer habits and not to create rubbish.

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