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Tongariro National Park - the gift that wasn't
NZ's first National Park turns 130 today, as the true intentions behind its beginning are poised to be realised.When a Ngati Tuwharetoa chief "gave" Tongariro and other volcanic peaks to the Crown 130 years ago today, creating the...
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Editorial: A shift in priorities as country goes to the polls
Politics in New Zealand tends to straddle the middle ground. This is unlikely to change much after Saturday, regardless of which party gets the most votes. The electorate, while it may be in a mood for change, is not so much demanding...
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Tragedy spurs young researcher's air pollution fight
When his parents died, a young Egide Kalisa was told "normal diseases" were to blame.He's since learned the truth: respiratory disease, fuelled by indoor air pollution in his Rwandan home city of Kamembe, had more likely taken his...
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From TVNZ & TV3

Kiwis making a comeback in the Coromandel

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Scientists develop TB vaccine for possums - but why?

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Human Ecology Explained submitted by 'volunteer' on 21-Sep-2011
Will Hunting had it right 14 years ago....

AQUA Exhibition submitted by '/' on 15-Jul-2011
Learn more about the importance of water conservation at the AQUA exhibition

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