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Hunua Falls Pest Control Project

Provider: Auckland Council

Region: Auckland


27 April 2009 - Ongoing


The Hunua Falls and the surrounding bush are a highly valued asset in the Southern Auckland Region. Clear running creeks and huge trees provide habitat for native ( and not so native) wildlife.

The pest control project here, is not to protect a specific species, but to protect all bush species in an area very accessible to the public.

Volunteers check bait stations and traps every Wednesday. The day starts at 9 am to make it easier for parents who can come after children have set out to school, and you will be back before they have returned from school. Volunteers work in pairs, so you will be paired up with an experienced volunteer.

The bush is beautiful , but rugged and steep so you will need to be fit and enjoy scrambling up and down slopes. Tramping experience and boots are essential.




Skills required

Moderate fitness, bush tramping experience

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