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Butterfly survey

Provider: Butterfly

Region: Nationwide


11 August 2009 - Ongoing


I am looking for volunteers to help with  a survey about the population of our native red admiral butterfly and the yellow admiral butterfly.  Volunteers would need to commit to reporting at least weekly on sitings of  these butterflies in an area of their choice for a year.  Two years would be preferable so comparative studies could be made.I hope to have at least one volunteer in each doc area.

Volunteers are not required to be specialist naturalists but someone who can accurately identify the insects. The caterpillar of these  butterflies feed on all forms of nettle while the admiral nectars on buddleia, pseudopanax arboreus, and a multitude of other flowers.  It would not be necessary to identify what plant the butterflies were seen on but the numbers and area they were seen in is critical.

The resulting figures are hoped to be put with figures from other ares to determine population trends of what is believed to be a declining species.
The red admiral is hatching and flying now. Anyone interested in participating is welcome to contact me.

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