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Energy inefficiency

David (admin), 24 Nov 2008 02:31 pm

To calculate your carbon footprint, use the carbon footprint calculator (http://www.carbonfootprint.com/calculator.aspx). The carbon footprint calculator works out your carbon emissions for your day-to-day life, and it is actually quite scary to see the impact we have on the environment!

natalie, 20 Jul 2008 04:48 pm

Hi Erwan. How does your lifestyle in Indonesia influence your energy consumption? If you are interested in sustainable practices, we will need to compare lifstyles first...

erwan, 8 Jul 2008 02:08 pm

before, introducing my name is Erwan, i'm from Indonesia..(and i'm sorry if my english is bad cause i'm lazzy when i study english),eh acctually i'm interesting with this topic, but can you all give some example how to make the energy more efficien,and the strategy-strategy to make it better... thank you...and God Bless..

krissyjoanne, 20 Jun 2008 01:56 pm

Environmental strategists are calling out to the public stressing that energy efficiency is proven to be a cost-effective and strategic way forward for economies without having energy consumptions rising. This issue of energy efficiency is growing larger and larger in the public sphere and proving to be a crucial issue in NZ as we as a country approach the confines of adequate hydro-power. It's easy to say 'it's not me' but by not doing the simple things like using filament light-bulbs instead of compact fluorescents and leaving equipment overnight in standby mode we are contributing to the mass energy waste daily. Our homes we don't insulate adequately are being heated inefficiently by burning coal and oil, creating health problems end on end and more smog is clouding our city. Where too next for the Clean Green NZ?

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