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Volunteer for community development in Mai Chau

veo volunteer, 22 Aug 2013 04:33 pm

Education is fundamental to human progress, enabling individuals and communities to acquire skills and knowledge essential for improving the quality of life. But for some of minority ethnic children the basic education is limited. The education program will be a solution for this matter. The projects can focus on traditional and new education methods for children and youth at the local school where lack of English native speakers is and need volunteers help. Volunteering on this project, V.E.O would like to bring a hand of help from volunteers to the minority ethnic community in this project, and then bring them the good opportunity to integrate into the community to have a better life. VOLUNTARY ACTIVITIES Joining in the project and doing volunteer work to support minority ethnic children in Mai Chau, volunteers will provide some English, arts, music lesson, games for the children. A basic English lesson will be provided by volunteers to children in flexible time with 4 â 6 hours per day. Another time you may wish to enjoy Mai Chau and trekking surroundings. You will have time to experience with the way of life, learning from local people and then give them ideas that can improve their life skills, and bring them more opportunity for the better life in their ethnic minority families. LEISURE ACTIVITIES At the weekend and other free time, volunteer can trek around the valley to view the beauty of nature in the mountainous area. Local market at the weekend will be a good destination for you to know about the culture of minority ethic people. Or you can join in some travel trips such as trekking through the forest, visiting other villages in Mai Chau, biking to the cave⦠LOCATION The project is conducted in the Thai People village in a mountainous area. The village is also a fascinating region which has the most special feature of mountainous area in the Northwest of Vietnam with rich nature 3km far from Mai Chau town, the village is situated among the green valley as a natural cradle protecting people here. Characterized culture of Thai people with Xoe â Hoa dance, traditional weaving, and many local festivals are organized every year. Participating in this program, volunteers also have the opportunity to interact with specific culture of Thai people with many different clans; each clan has a special culture and also learns how to work with weaving brocade. Besides, the participants have the opportunity to join in community activities such as camping fire, cultural exchange art. With a warmly rustic way of living of people here, it partly mounted people who came to this village for the first time to become familiar, many of whom became his friends. ACCOMMODATION Volunteer will be arranged in the home-stay with a local family. A big room will be enough for 20 volunteers staying in. If any requirement for private room, you need inform us before one month from date of participation. Toilet, bathroom, and bed with soft blankets, sheets, pillows, and mattresses are available in home-stay. RECRUITMENT Good health and speak English DURATION At least two weeks DESTINATION Northwest of Vietnam More information, please visit our site: https://sites.google.com/site/veorganization/

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